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Virtual Tour

A set of images, Video clips, Panoramic pictures, recorded sounds and text files which are commonly referred to as virtual tours, allow a person to experience a place or an object without the obligation of physical presence. The purpose of a virtual tour is eliminating the limitations of time and space. For example, one can easily visit a historical monument or an exhibition that’s being held in another country or has been held in the past by the means of virtual tours.

We all have encountered basic web pages that provide their visitors a virtual tour by giving out small images and simple plans. We can’t expect all users to welcome these examples and use them in nowadays competitive environment in internet based services. An appropriate virtual tour must interact with the users and provide them the information they need with realistic UI that’s comparative with the reality.

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  The production process of the virtual tour

In order to create a virtual tour, our experts shoot some 360º photos of different parts of your project (i.e. Entrance, Rooms, Lobby, … ). These photos are placed in the virtual tour in a way that your customers can look around in the project, enter every room, climb the stairs and literally go through every corner of the project and collect all the information they need. The customer can gain information about anything in the project by simply clicking on them.

The virtual tour gives you the ability to invite your customers to visit your project without spending too much money, time or even without the obligation of physical presence.

Benefits of Virtual Tour

  • No limitations of time and space : With the help of virtual tours your customers can easily visit your project anytime they want and from anywhere in the world.
  • Directing viewers : In a virtual tour the viewers can direct where they want to see.
  • Textual capabilities : You can put as many text content as you please in a virtual tour that will only be visible by clicking on them.
  • Vocal capabilities : You can put as many vocal content in different languages as you please in a virtual tour that will only be visible by clicking on them.
  • Space saving : In video clips you will get a large file with at least 25 frames per second, but as in a 360 º Panorama, all you get is a large, High quality photo with smaller file size compared to video files. 
  • Globally accessible : Your customers from everywhere in the world will have access to your virtual tour.
  • Life-time access
  • Compatible with all devices : The virtual tour is created with flash which is compatible with Microsoft windows, Mobile and tablet operating systems except apple devices. For apple devices we use HTML5 to design and create virtual tours. In other words all devices are covered and there is no need to be worried about that. ( You can try! )

Sample panoramic image of IranTour360

Virtual tour is a branding opportunity, a great way to share what your product has in this modernized world. Things like good location, sufficient facilities, Modern equipment and distinguished services. If your policy is based on ever-increasing development, Being up-to-date and work ethics, then the virtual tour is a modern tool that could help you in the process.

Use of WEBGL technology and Gyroscope

Gyroscopes are censors which gives us angular position and angular velocity. By processing these data, one can calculate the overall position. 

The automatic rotation of virtual tour by moving and rotating a device (Cell Phone or tablet)

Using maps

Marking the map by putting a pin, specifying the viewing angle in real-time with the help of  Yandex, OpenStreetMaps, Bing maps and Google maps.

Inserting compass

Specifying geographical location of the project in the virtual tour

Sharing menu of the virtual tour

Sharing on social networks, Email, Other websites and blogs.

Such as: Facebook – Twitter – Google Plus – Linkedin – Digg – Tumblr – Stumbleupon –  Reddit – Delicious – VKontakte, google maps

Inserting Tour leader and live panorama

Playing or showing a specific part of the real place, Talking and the movements of people or objects in the virtual tour.


Inserting Video, Voice, Image and text.

Description: Video in virtual tour is accessible in every part by clicking on it the video will stop playing and the background sound will be activated. 

Web content

Displaying and running the desired web page or any content in any part of the virtual tour.

Preparing images with HDR technique

HDR is the abbreviation of High Dynamic Range. With this technique three images with different exposures are combined together and the final image is processed with a level of clarity similar to human’s eyes. 

Quality and Dimension

-The Panoramic image with small planet view has at least 16800*16800 pixels dimensions

-The Panoramic image with Basic view has at least 16800*8400 pixels dimensions

-Preparing images with HDR technique with 300DPI and more than 140 megapixels

-The possibility of Printing with different dimensions with the best quality

Utilization of HTML5 coding

Due to the non-supporting of Flash in IOS devices, IranTour360 has utilized  HTML5 codes to make the use of virtual tours in any device possible.

Search engine optimization

Recognition of The virtual tour by search engines with the help of HTML meta tags


Multi language virtual tour (Persian, English, Arabic …)


Using different resolutions for images in order to speed up the loading process and the possibility of zooming.


Capable of loading on any device

Devices (Computers, Cellphones, Tablets …)

Operating systems (Windows, IOS, Android …)

Different viewing options

Basic view, Fish-eye view, Small planet view, Stereographic view ….

Inserting Image gallery 

Description: (to view click the “Gallery” button.)

 Inserting Logo and Brand

Description:  (Website Logo is located on the left of virtual tour and is linked to the website.)

Inserting Effect

Rain, Snow, Sunlight …

Website Box

Inserting website in a box and opening it in the virtual tour

Description: (Icon Box Web site is on the right of the virtual tour.)

Inserting PDF

Adding book files in the virtual tour

Utilizing Professional equipment

The best professional camera and photographic equipment and cameras to capture stunning images with high quality